Brandon Michaels Group Advantage

Our value-added brokerage services are founded on the principles of representation, long-term investor relationships, the industry’s most dynamic marketing platform, and unrivaled market expertise.

As a recognized industry leader, we have developed a platform uniquely tailored to help our clients achieve all of their diverse real estate goals.  Our client driven strategy produces efficient, seamless, and market leading results.


Successful negotiation of over 400 transactions totaling in excess of $1.5 billion in commercial real estate transactions.

The Brandon Michaels Group provides expert negotiation on behalf of our clients. We have successfully handled more than $1.5 billion in commercial real estate transactions by ideally positioning our clients to reach or exceed their specific real estate goals.

Our negotiation expertise is paramount in maximizing sales proceeds and successfully insulating our clients from renegotiation or issues that arise through the typical course of a transaction.


The #1 sales team with more closed transactions than our competitors.

The Brandon Michaels Group has been the top transactional sales team throughout Los Angeles County since 2010.

Our group has successfully handled more transactions than any other broker or team across all firms, including more than $600,000,000 worth of commercial real estate transactions in the last three years, and in excess of $1.5 billion in total transactions.

We have consistently been a top-five nationally ranked sales team within Marcus & Millichap over the past decade, and ranked as the number one multi-tenant retail sales team in the nation four times.

There is no other team you can engage with that has more experience and activity on commercial properties throughout Los Angeles County. Simply put, we know all the buyers. We create value through the extensive relationships we have fortified over the years.


Our unique marketing strategy allows us to reach local, regional, national and international buyers in a targeted and effective manner.

The Brandon Michaels Group has devised a unique marketing strategy that allows us to reach local, regional, national and international buyers who are aggressively looking for properties throughout Southern California.

We have a database of more than 40,000 unique property owners and developer, as well as established relationships with all of the largest investors, owner/user buyers, and local and regional developers.

The combination of our extensive database, vast relationships, and unrivaled marketing platform allows us to generate multiple offers and create a competitive environment among buyers, driving prices and terms to the highest levels the market will bear.


We build and create a market around each property, which allows us to achieve market leading sales values for our clients.

Our unrivaled marketing platform offers the highest quality in design, professional photography, aerial videography, and sales aids, which is crucial when presenting and positioning properties on the market.

No other sales team in the marketplace is able to build and create a market around a property like we can. All of our marketing materials are designed on a custom basis by our graphic design team.


Our underwriting capabilities allow us to position assets on the market to maximize sellers’ net proceeds.

The Brandon Michaels Group offers a distinct advantage when analyzing and underwriting an asset. Understanding the intricacies of a marketplace, local market trends, and the features of each asset allows us to present accurate information to our clients.

In today’s marketplace, it is crucial to position an asset on the market correctly to insulate our clients from potential downside risk. Our unique ability to understand and analyze each specific asset separates us from our competition.


Our unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the marketplace adds significant value to our clients.

Our in-depth knowledge of the immediate marketplace, in conjunction with our market research staff, enhances our ability to ideally position our clients. Our vast knowledge base allows us to create opportunity where others cannot, which is crucial in our competitive field.


Our activity produces industry-leading results for our clients.

As the most active sales team throughout Los Angeles County, the Brandon Michaels Group has a vast inventory of over $200 million exclusively listed available for sale at all times.

Combined with the Marcus & Millichap platform of over $5 billion of exclusively listed inventory, clients looking for opportunities find our activity to be a unique value-add proposition.


The market leader in repositioning equity and helping our clients create and maximize wealth.

The Brandon Michaels Group is a leader in 1031 exchanges. Our long-term relationships with investors allow us to match properties and exchange buyers with speed and efficiency.

Our access to over $5 billion in exclusively listed inventory, along with our ability to navigate through the marketplace in order to find and create opportunity, allows our clients to reposition their equity and improve on their position to reach their real estate goals.